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After Hollywood

by Jackson Perry

Last night was my second visit to Hollywood Avondale as a music venue, with the first being Tiny Ruins and friends in December last year. It has quickly become a favourite.

An easy 7 minutes drive from home, and although we had to walk for 2 minutes from the car (in joke), it is so damn convenient compared to many a city venue.

A quick search for some background on the recent sale (2015) and refurbishment of the renowned Cinema didn't throw up much, other than widespread joy that it wasn't being demolished. The basic form and function remains the same, and throughout the evening Matt Timpson projects old movie trailers on the main wall, or visuals through the performances, using what I believe is an original 35mm projector and film stock. It certainly adds an ambience and old-worldliness that greatly appeals to my Super 8mm movie collecting geek-dom.

With seating in the mezzanine circle and some at the back of the standing area, there was plenty of options for all the generations in attendance. Both nights we've been there different food providers were stationed outside the back door. Last night was Judge Bao and in December it was Coreana Tacos. Drinks were served in the adjacement hall, with a slection of two wines, two beers and fizzies. What else do you need really?

Well, since you asked, chocolate. We were hankering for something sweet. Even a chocolate dipped ice cream would have worked.

As to the performances, I feel I've seen Bob Scott solo half a dozen times in the past few years, and he never disappoints. One thing though, if he or Hollie happen to ever read this, I'm still waiting to hear the whole Green House album played live with the both of you. Cheers.

Stand up poetry is not everyone's cup of tea, and takes quite a degree of bravery to pull it off in a large room with an unfamiliar audience. Fortunately Hera Lindsay Bird gives zero fucks what you or I think, and when she started with 'let's have 20 minutes of poetry about sex', she wasn't the one feeling self conscious in the room. I think she's bloody awesome.

Finally to Aldous Harding. If you haven't seen her perform, it would be hard to imagine the way in which she lives every moment of her songs through movement and facial expressions. Maybe the term 'Fierce Folk' would be appropriate, especially when she ramped up some of her older songs.

Her new album Party, due in March, was produced with John Parish of PJ Harvey fame, and we were treated to many songs off the album, some old ones, including a rocking version of Hunter, and even a few which she says will be on the next next album.

Horizon the single, Silke informed me, was due to be released today, so you can get that from whichever outlet you prefer.  The Video was released 7 hours ago, so this would seem to confirm the above.

Overall, a great night, and I have a feeling I'll be trying to maintain a regular attendance at the Hollywood Avondale shows. 

Support your local. See you in the in-between.

Capture away.